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Echo Speaks

About the Project




Echo Speaks is a utilitarian smartapp and device handler that allows you to discover, select, and use the Amazon Alexa Devices directly in your Hubitat Smart Home Environment. It will give you the ability to wake your Alexa devices remotely to speak any text that you wish for almost any given scenario. There are now many different built-in automations that allow actions based on events in your home. Gone are the days of using expensive speakers connected to your hub. The day that you have all been waiting for has arrived.


Author: Anthony Santilli
Documentation: Anthony Santilli
Contributor: Eric Schott (@nh.schottfam)
Contributor: Tony Fleisher (@TonyFleisher)
Contributor: Jason Headley (@bamarayne)

Getting Started


Hubitat Platform


Code Links

Code Type: Source Code URL: Version:
Echo Speaks: Parent App v4.1.4.0
Echo Speaks Actions: Child App v4.1.4.0
Echo Speaks Zones: Child App v4.1.4.0
Echo Speaks Driver: Device Driver v4.1.4.0
Echo Speaks Zones Device: Device Driver v4.1.4.0
Echo Speaks Websocket: Device Driver v4.1.4.0
Echo Speaks Server: Heroku Server v2.7.0


  • Hubitat Hub with Web Portal access
  • During the setup process, you will be required to create a free HerokuApp account (Existing accounts will work as well)


  • Amazon 2 Factor Authentication. - Not required (Unless it was enabled in the past), but it's HIGHLY recommended that you enable it for security.

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Last update: 2021-04-12