Action Config Options


An action is broken into 3 configuration steps:

Create New Action:


Step 1: Configure Action Type


Select the action type that will be executed by the triggers selected.

Step 2: Configure Trigger Events


Step 3: Configure Conditions/Restrictions


Note: Conditions are optional and just help fine tune when a action can execute.

Note: Think of these conditions as the gate keeper. All conditions have to pass as a whole, meaning the more conditions the more strict your action will be to execute.

Step 4: Configure Action Execution


This is where the desired Echo Devices are selected.

Note: When Speak and Announcement types are selected you will see a Global Action Text Response input. This can be confusing seeing as you may or may not have configured responses under the triggers. Think of the global response as the output for any and all triggers meaning no matter the trigger it will always use these responses even if responses are defined under triggers. But if you leave this blank it will either use the individual trigger responses or generate a generic response based on the event.

Option: Volume Options may be shown based on the selected Action Type.

Option: Delay Action allows you to delay the execution (xx) seconds.